Mar 22, 2009

In Which My Brother Turns Up On Seinfeld

So we're watching Seinfeld the other night and we wanted to get us some ice cream or cake or something, so we paused the show and ran out of the room.
When we returned and looked at what we paused,
we saw this:

Right there behind Jerry and Kramer, is what appears to be my brother. I drew a handy little yellow arrow so you can't miss him.


Anonymous said...

He does not look like the Steve I remember.
Also in regards to your mothers remark in your last blog about her being ping pong champion, ping pong must be what the girls played while the boys were playing REAL sports.

Anonymous said...

I wondered where he went that week! I've also seen him on Early Edition, he seems to be in much demand.

Anonymous said...

Drifty you are the monst contrary guy I know!!