Mar 29, 2009

I.T. Help Desk

I have a home office.
60% of my work is done at home.
I am beyond stupid when it comes to computers.
I married a computer science major.
Having IT help in the house has made me very dependent.
If any error message pops up, I call him over,
throw my hands in the air,
scream "I don't know!!! I don't know what's wrong!
I didn't do anything!
I can't work!
It won't work!
Whadda I do??!
Stupid Computers!!"
He dons his super hero garb
& comes to my rescue, pressing some keys,
reading error messages, going online, whatever.
This time was no different.
Except for the diagnosis.
My sandwich was pressing down my spacebar.


Anonymous said...

Val that's pitiful, pitiful!! AND where in the world did you get that awful picture------oh well at least I was thin then. See Drifty and I really DO get along.

driftwood said...

Guess what Val, you are more like me than you would ever want to admit to. I eat at the computer and I call on my live in expert whose name is Hootch. She doesn't have the technical training that your expert has but she can do almost anything. If she doesn't know the answer she can figure out where to go to to find the answer.

That picture of your mother and I is a good one of her. The problem with it is that it looks like I use to look in my thin days. That was many, many, many moons ago.

Zippy said...


I was very impressed with how clean your desk/work area is.

Except for the sandwich on the space bar.

Did you throw a bunch of stuff on the floor before you took the picture?

I would.

Anonymous said...

You guys are bamboozled. If you look close, you will notice the mold on the sandwich. Also note that in SC, they call it sandwitch.
This has to be anonymus!

JMaslar said...

Hi out there, this is your friendly IT guy in the Maslar household. The worst part about that position is that I don't have a clue as to how to solve any problems. Pray for me. By the way, I don't see that mold, perhaps it is my eyesight.

Poof said...

Zippy, that was late in the day and I had gone through most of my to-do pile. Also, desk may have been empty, but lap was full.

~Connie said...

Bwahaha! That's my girl! Reminds me of the time I tho't something was wrong with the washing machine - only to find out that someone had set it on the gentle cycle!! Geez!!