Mar 12, 2009

This Just In

Marj heard back from
the USC Admissions Office. . .
What's the news?
Is she IN or Out??
She's IN like Flynn, Baby.
Maybe she'll get my old dorm room . . . & maybe my old parking spot & my old professor & she can have my old favorite turkey n cheddar melt & my old cubbie at the libary & meet the man of her dreams... have a bunch of kids & settle down in a rundown ramshackle house out in the country 30 miles from the nearest Starbucks...& ...


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaaay you go Marj! Take that college by storm, Mimi and Papa are so proud of you-------now don't forget to come take us "out to sun"!

Anonymous said...

If she has your old turkey club melt, she won't live long enough to have a house anywhere.

Congratulations, Marge!

Anonymous said...

GIRL, see if I send YOU any more pictures!!

JMaslar said...

Congrats! A chip off the old block keeping the family tradition going. Was there any doubt that she would make it?

Marjorie said...

oh gosh stop there!! lol