Apr 16, 2009

Home, Home On the Range

The girls came into town this past weekend.
Did we ever have fun! My husband has a tractor, a big, red Massey Ferguson. It's parked in the barn right now due to..... well..... let's not go there.-

But I have my own li'l tractor. It's just a little thing. So me n the girls went out for a ride. I had to show 'em a thing or two about country livin'. We had to make the rounds for the Day Herd Shift, check the fence lines, run a cattle drive, that sorta thing.
Emma was pullin' some leather here, the little tiger, easing through a chaparral. Eva was talkin' about the hazin and giving her some directions, but Emma, she ain't hearin' nothin'. She's dead-on.

When it was Eva's turn, I took 'er out on the range and let her cut loose. Eva's no tenderfoot; we were seein' daylight with that young'un.

"let me do what I’m doing
let me be where I am
let me find peace of mind
on my own piece of land
when I’m lost, help me to let go
and find someway to feel
like a man on a tractor with a dog in a field."

(country song written & sung by someone)

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