Apr 1, 2009

The Taco Liberty Bell April Fools

April 1, 1996 Taco Bell announces it has purchased the Liberty Bell and renamed it the "Taco Liberty Bell."
Any of you remember that? Taco Bell put a full page ad in six major newspapers. Thousands of people called either Taco Bell headquarters or the National Park headquarters in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia branch of the National Park issued a mid-morning news conference to confirm the Liberty Bell was not sold. People were enraged that a historic, cherished item would be used for profit and fun. At noon, Taco Bell issued a press release announcing their hoax and claimed it "the best joke of the day." Ha ha. Then they mumbled something about giving $50,000 toward the upkeep of the Liberty Bell.
Later in the day, White House press secretary Mike McCurry joked with reporters that "We’ll be doing a series of these. Ford Motor Co. is joining today in an effort to refurbish the Lincoln Memorial. It will be the Lincoln Mercury Memorial."
Click here for a list of some other greatest April Fools Jokes. Also, leave a comment if you want to share any of your April Fools hoaxes you've been involved with. Have an awesome April Fools.

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Poof said...

I forgot about our last year's April Fool's. We hid Marj's truck during the night and in the a.m. when she discovered it gone, a guy from work called, acting as a police and informed her that the truck was found at a crackhouse and it was torn apart, parts taken, graffiti all over..... Marj burst into tears and I had to grab the phone and tell him to quit.