May 11, 2009

FL: Amelia Island: The Food

When I travel, food is not my main interest. I'm much more interested in the sights, the nature and the history, you pick the restaurant, I don't really care. For you readers who do care about food, I try to pay attention so I can give you some useful information, which I did here on the island and I've come up with my list of favorites in descending order.

1. Sliders

The number one thing Sliders has going for it is that it is right smack on the beach -- at the Seaside Beach, Sadler Rd. You can walk up in your bathing suit and eat there. You can bring your kids in their bathing suits and let them play on the Sliders Playground while you eat. There is outdoor seating at Sliders and live music at different times. We absolutely loved the fried pickles at Sliders. The second best thing is the size of its salads. This next picture is my salad AFTER I finished what I wanted. This is what I left behind:

Brett's patio boasts the following rocking chairs:

Brett's best thing going is the view. Here is your sunset view. If you eat at Brett's, eat out on the patio or next to a window. Brett's offers some good-sounding meals, but we had chicken salad sandwiches at sunset and they weren't that great. But it was worth it so we could have these awesome seats with a great view, I would have eaten cardboard for that.

3. Dick's Wings.

OK, so Dick's is a must. Everyone knows that. I insisted upon Dick's on our first night saying, "I need to get my Dick Fix." And my sister didn't respond to that well. But I thought it was funny. If you go to Dick's, skip the wings, you can do better at Wild Wings. But get the Quesadilla. You can get a Quesadilla with your favorite wing flavor built in, it's awesome. We got the Parmesan Peppercorn and it made us delirious. Unfortunately, I also got the Flying Fajitas Wings with medium hot sauce. They were too hot and I only ate 1/3 my order. Waste! But if you go to Dicks, and I say you must, get the fried pickles. They're the best, better than any other place. This is where I was introduced to fried pickles, this is the Fried Pickles King. Get 'em or leave.

4. Ops Pizza.

This was my first visit to an Ops. I lived in NY and NJ for several years and consider myself a connoisseur of New York Style Pizza. Also, my husband birthed the New York Pizza Finder site and we take it quite seriously. So when I found myself in Fernandina, FL, eyeball to eyeball with a "New York Style" pizza sign, I kind of coughed, choked back a laugh. Right. NY Style Pizza, right. We went in with a chip on our shoulder and it didn't take long to swallow our pride. The pizza was out of this world awesome. The rest of the menu seemed even better. The people, friendlier. It was crazy. I want to go back. Now. Road trip, anyone?? If you're there or in St. Mary's township, GO for Pete's sake, just GO to Ops Pizza.


Ruth said...

OK, you lost me on the first sentence: "food is not my main interest."

Fortunately, I kept reading.

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