May 15, 2009

In Which Marj Has Another One of Her Brilliant Ideas

Barry came to town last weekend.

And Marj had another one of her brilliant ideas.

And, well, maybe Marj should tell you the rest of the story...

Let's just leave it with this: Barry went home Sunday in Marj's truck.


Fern said...

It sounds like Marj has her mother's blood in her!!!

Zippy said...

Can anybody remember Marj's gramma Maslar and what she did to HER wrist on some sort of motorized two wheeled vehicle?

Get the truck back!

Mom said...

Uh-oh did my namesake follow in my footsteps? At least she didn't hit her OWN vehicle. What did she break?!

Anonymous said...


I think you look pretty cool on this thang! But am not really sure of the circumstances.


Marjorie said...

=] the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I wonder if Nana has any crazy motorcycle stories?