Jun 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Li'l Buddy

Li'l Buddy turns 21 today.

My favorite part of raising the kids has been their individualism, the ways they differ, their interests, hobbies and desires.

Tommy has always been passionate. An idea sparks, the wheels turn and he jumps in whole heartedly, nothing held back.

And it was always something different and new.

But fishing has always remained. He always comes back to fishing.

While fishing in Yosemite, this bear sneaked up right behind Tommy. We were giving him hand signals to get the heck out of there, but he thought we were indicating a big fish he should aim for.

He loves his fishing, alright. But....

He loves him some Eva.

He loves him some Eden, too....

My journal: Dec. 94:
"Last night Tommy called me in after he was snuggled in bed, sugar plums dancing in his head and all that and asked, 'Mama, what kind of moon is it tonight?' - 'I think it's a half moon.' -'Look on my calendar.' I did as I was told. 'Yes, it's a half moon.' He wiggled, 'I can't see it though.' I opened his blinds, the moon is usually right outside his window. We snuggled in bed and watched for the moon. Finally, I said 'there must be too many dark clouds blocking it.' He propped up on an elbow and said, 'the dark clouds are bad, bad, bad. They float around, getting closer to the moon and blocking it's light. The moon is good. When the clouds get close enough, the moon shoots it's beams out and strikes the bad clouds. Then the clouds turn into fluffy white clouds and it becomes morning.'"

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Tom S said...

Great Post-- he has turned into quite a man, and he inspires me!

Anonymous said...

Is there anything that Tommy CANT do? I hope he can, and does have a very wonderful birthday!


Mimi said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful grandson, you're so talented and we're proud grandparents, happy birthday Tommy!!

Marjorie said...

aww u just made me proud of my bubba for a second.

lol jkjk