Jun 19, 2009

My Valintins Jurnel, by Patti S.


Written by Patti S., Spring 1992


My Valentine is Marjorie.
She is my sister.
That's my Valentine.
My sister is very cyute.


To: Marjorie.

I like kissing you. You have chubbey cheeks. You are cyute too.

From: You'r Big Sister


My Loves
I like Pizza.
I like my bruther.
I like my bike.
It is fun.
I like doges, they are gyute.
I like my sister.


I'm happy wenn I go swiming in the summer. I'm happy wenn my bruther plays outside with me. I'm happy wenn Uncle Stev comes to my house. I'm happy wenn Marjorie sleeps whith me.

As you see, I was going through Patti's old journals. What fun! Then I spotted my old journals and perused them a little bit, I wrote:

1. Tommy just asked me if maybe someday we could live on the moon. "When we have special air hats and air tanks on our backs, could we please go to the moon?"
"Yes, Tommy, you can do anything. But you have to go to school and study hard to learn about air and rockets."
Heavy sigh. He deflates.
Suddenly he is energized with a great idea and with eyebrows shooting up he says, "Patti can do it now, she goes to school!"-

2. Patti had to write a "fantasty" at school today and this is what she wrote:
"The Three Little Pigs. One dae the three litle pigs' mom sed, 'You Pigs should bild your own house!'"

3. Heading out on a vacation, I wrote the following: "5:52 a.m. : 'Hey kids, we're gonna eat breakfast at a place with a waitress!' Cheers dad. 'What's a waitress?' asks Tommy. 'Oh, I know,' says Patti, 'I saw one on Barney.' Tom and I laughed and when we tuned back in to the children, we could hear Patti instructing, 'and she writes down what you want and she tells the cook....'"

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Mom said...

Memories are wonderful, hang onto those books 'cause when you get old (yes like me) the memories fade or in our case they are exaggerated and become great stories------which may I add, no-one believes anyway.