Jun 25, 2009

Siesta Summer Bible Study

We kicked off our Siestas Summer Bible Study last night, all scooted together, closely gathered around my computer. Tongues in the corners of our mouths, brows in concentration, squinting at a 3" Beth Moore (she's not much bigger in person) in Vimeo as she gave us our introductory lesson.

A coupl-a years ago, Beth began a blog with the assistance of her daughters, Amanda and Melissa. She wanted to communicate with her "sistas" in Christ on a more personal level than her speaking engagements allow. Bless her heart, she began her blog with great gusto and a minor, teeny, tiny typo that forever translated "Sistas" into "Siestas." That was so "Beth." The name stuck and those of us who follow her regularly are now "Siestas" in Christ with her.
Last Summer, Beth added a Summer Bible/Book study to her blog where we Siestas sign up, meet 2x a month, watch Beth's video and leave comments to each other. Sisters all over the world become friends, sharing struggles, prayer requests, blessings and encouragement. It's amazing.

This Summer we are studying "Me, Myself and Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild. My group has 6 of us Wagener Siestas who've been good friends, I'm pretty sure, since forever. (I know, you can count and you don't see 6. Connie is not pictured, she was actually working that night.) As we shared our prayer requests, our struggles and our hopes (over Bath & Body Works products Pam brought us - woot!), this old heart was comforted.
Check out the Bible study here. You don't have to have a group to join in, many women are doing it "solo" as I did last year. I always have a link to Beth's blog on the front page of my blog in my blogroll, you can link to her easily. C'mon and join in. You won't regret it.

Siesta Summer Bible Study (Introduction) from LPV on Vimeo.

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