Jun 8, 2009

Vera Bradley Coffee Mugs

I'm not a big
Vera Bradley fan,
~ OK ~ so I don't actually own
anything Vera
but I saw some Vera Bradley
coffee mugs at Barnes & Noble
the other day and I think they're
kinda cute.


driftwood said...

cute? CUTE? Real coffee drinkers do not drink their coffee out of CUTE coffee cups. They drink it out of a mug which hardly ever sees the inside of a dishwasher and has the stains to prove it.

The Seeker said...


Admit it, you don't care about the coffee cup...you only care about the coffee! You must have been craving one when you wrote this!


Anonymous said...

Could you be hinting at a birthday present?

Mom said...

I'm not a Vera fan either but these are so cute, I'd like them myself. Bet they cost a fortune like all of her stuff. And yes Driftwood some of us DO like to drink out of "cute", you can have your dirty old mug.