Jun 2, 2009

Weekly News Digest XIV

1. Hungry suspect caught in Taco Bell parking lot. The link. A-huh. Knew that would get your attention. Or at least my sister's attention. "... drug dealer who led police on a 90 mph chase in Indiana was arrested after he stopped suddenly at a Taco Bell parking lot." What I love: he "knew he was going to jail for a while" and wanted to get one last burrito. I can relate. Well... not about the jail part... but about the one last burrito part....

2. Man finds snake head in food while eating out. The link. TGIF's. In Clifton Park, NY. I have no favorite quote from this article. It's just plain gross.

3. Prosecutors: Man hides 13 birds in his pants. The link. Dude smuggled songbirds in from Vietnam. Songbirds. Did he really think they'd be quiet? Songbirds. And smuggler's name is Sony. It's interesting how he attached the birds to his socks, though, pretty ingenious.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How dare you relate a criminal with a taco bell story!!!!!!!!

After all--Priscilla liked Marj.