Jul 24, 2009

The Pool is Now Open

We were late opening the pool this year due to an overabundance of problems as well as a busy schedule. So when we finally got it open, the kids became kids again.
I was reading my book at pool's edge as I have done for 19 years, when I noticed the kids playing that color game where you have to swim across the pool when your color is called and I thought "How odd. 5 year olds like that game, not 25 year olds."
And in my mind, they were kids again as if it was just yesterday.
... except the role of Bart was now being played by Barry, a new-comer to our family. This was Barry's first time in a swimming hole. He grew up in the ocean, no pools, pools are for sissies.
We showed him a thing or two about pools:
So in my mind & the sounds that I hear today at the pool, here's Will and Patti:
But when I look up, here's Will:
... and here's Patti:
I am startled.
Screech. Rewind.
No, baby, that's not Patti, Patti's only 10, here's Patti:
And that's Tommy right behind her, waiting for his turn.
I know this can't be Tommy:

Impossible. I shake my head, rub my eyes and get back to my book.
I hear loud, girly giggling.
"Sweet!" I think, "I love it when the girls have so much fun together. They're so close!"
And in my mind, I see Patti and Marj:

But, by golly, when I look up, I see Patti and Marj:

A stray tear slips down my cheek and I swat it away. That would be so uncool.

A strange noise, scraping, squealing... Is that Marj?:

They're completely unmindful of the passing of time.
Look at Grayson, he has no clue. . .:
... that just a few days ago he only wanted to watch the activities:
They think they'll always go on doing what they've always done.
Age. Schmage.
They don't realize how quickly their bodies will give out on them.
May I present Evidence A.
Tom, back in the day, high hurdles a fun noodle:
And Exhibit B.
Tom, today, at our Grand Opening:
P.S. Connie... you owe me one.
I did not show any before and after pix of you and me, sister.


Marjorie said...

oh. my. gosh. this has to be my favorite blog so far! =] awww i luv it. now u have to show me those pics b/c i've never seen them!

Mom said...

And now you understand the expression "time flies"! Loved the blog, takes me back to you kids in our pool back in NY.

Ruth said...

Great post for a lot of reasons:
[a] you remembered the old photos
[b] you could find the old photos
[c] it was almost like you posed the current ones to recapture the old shots, but you didn't

Yes, time does fly and the older you get, the faster it goes, and I sound like an very old codger even saying that.

Poof said...

It was cool how it all worked out, we didn't pose for any of them, just went out and did what, apparently, we always do. :)
Mom - remember preparing the peas by the pool after we picked them from the garden? So many peas!

~Connie said...

sniff ... seriously! I'm sitting trying to type through the tears! I'm with Marj - this is one of my favs, too. Well done!

~Connie said...

... oh, by the way ... thanks for not digging too deeply into your pile of memories. I would not care to see how much we've changed over the years!!