Aug 21, 2009

The Joye of Working From Home

So I was working from my office at home the other day and Connie called.
"Can I come over today? Construction guys are here, making all kinds of noises and I can't stand it, I have to get out."
I said, "OK, but I have to work all day."
She said, "You won't even know I'm there, I'll just sit in the corner and work on my laptop."
And she did. . .

. . .Until a lizard came between her workzone and mine.
So I jumped, fled my workzone (grabbed my camera) and screamed for Tommy.

Tommy was occupied and did not respond to my cries for help. In a heroic act of bravery, I went after the lizard myself...
... Causing the lizard to head towards the shoe bin by the door.

The same door in which Eden entered at the same moment.
"I heard you screaming!" She said.
And within minutes, she, too, was screaming.

And of course Tommy came running for her scream.
He fished around the shoe bin for awhile, claimed the lizard crawled into his shoe and we took the shoe outside to dump the lizard out.

Only to find this waiting right outside the door.

"Feed the kitty!" I yelled, but Tommy dumped the lizard in safety over the side of the porch.

... only to find this waiting just over the porch's edge:

It's the second black widow I've found on my property this month. And we pay good money for the Terminix man to spray quarterly. I am probably going to discontinue my Terminix contract since it doesn't seem to be helping me out any.

I didn't get a lot of work done, but Connie wants me to point out it's not because she was distracting me. In fact, she said I was distracting her from not distracting me. Then she went home because construction guys in the house are way better than varmints.
PS. The lizard is still in the house. I've surprised him twice now.
What do I do??


Anonymous said...

Abandon the place and go to your Mother's!

Ruth said...

Great photo of the day!

Zippy said...

You should start another sideline for critter removal. Some names you might use: CrittersRUs, Lizard Wizard, Yikes Inc.

Think of the big bucks you could haul in!

Anonymous said...

better u than me,remember that I had u remove a poor innocent cricket here,thats how bad I am!
By the way we pay for Terminex also.

boo boo head said...

it looks to me like you weren't trying to catch it! you were taking its picture!