Aug 8, 2009

My Birthweek

The kids changed the term "birthday" to "birthweek," which works for me, but this year I've set a new standard with "birthweeks." Why limit it to one week?
You guys are outrageous. I have the best group of friends and family on the planet. It's been two weeks of great times spent together in different mixes, different locations. You guys mean so much to me. And thanks for all the gifts, too, but you have to cut that out. Being together is what's important.
Having said that.... I do have to mention this sassy little Vera Bradley mug Jen got me. I spotted these awhile back and was green with envy. Now I have one to call my very own (or would that be "my vera own"?), thanks Jen!


Mom said...

Love the cup Val, that Jen's special. The pic of the day makes me miss my grandmother she was the sweetest lady God ever put on this earth, ok ok that's MY opinion!

JMaslar said...

Homer and Lula pictured beside the blog post, are the great, great, great grand parents of Eve. Can you believe that many generations.

Anonymous said...

Love the cup poof! Are U actually planning to use it?

Also luv todays pic!

~Connie said...

Wait! I have to get you the pics from your fantabulous dinner!! ... you'll have to repeat the blog!!