Aug 3, 2009

Neither Active nor Passive; Intransitive

A numbness has descended upon me. I cannot see, hear or feel those subtle nuances of life that previously compelled me to write. I am nothing, I feel nothing, neutered.

I roll like a pinball through each day, going where I am thrust, with the blessed weight of gravity settling me back into bed each night where I sit, a cold, hard reflective ball of steel, waiting for the smack of the propulsion in the morning that will propel me to do it all over again.

And who wants to write about that?


The Seeker said...

Val, of course there is a lot to write about! Life is beautiful! But you've never come close to losing it, have you? Also remember, you don't appreciate the rainbow without the rain, spam tastes like steak when you haven't eaten in a few days...take a break. Maybe in a month things will look different!

Anonymous said...

Take a look at your picture of the day! I sit and read your verse everyday, and am amazed at the things and places you see and enjoy visiting with your family and friends. I am very appreciative that you share! You are loved, Val - think on that during these "hard as steel" times.