Sep 5, 2009

How to Have a Great Dessert Luau

How to Have a Great Dessert Parfait Luau in 15 Easy Steps.
1. Get some really great awesome decorations:
2. Beg some big, strong men to help with the set up. (and cleanup)

3. Secure a Tiki Hut.
(and when I say "secure," I don't mean "reserve or borrow," I mean "secure the sucker down hard because rain and hard winds are in your future)

4. Secure a great videographer.
(when I say "secure" here, I mean "reserve, acquire" not "secure" as in the above usage)
5. Get the best of the best to direct your parking.
(extra important for complexity of a surprise party)

6. Have a grand entrance for the Guests of Honor.

7. Invite someone important so he brings his secret service.

8. Encourage guests to help themselves.
(so you don't be all servin' all night long)

9. Make it look real.
(aint nothin' worse than a fake looking Hawaii scene)

10. Invite Nana, 'Cause she makes a party happen.

11. Take advantage of family being together and get some group photos for the mantle.

12. Stalk people with the camera until they can't take it anymore.

13. Provide lots of food so the men stuff their mouths and don't talk politics.

14. Allow guests doggy bags if they want.
(some people need to put a little meat on their bones)

15. When it starts raining (and it will), everybody grab something to bring in when you come tearing into the house with your feet all muddy and wet.

16. Thank the hostess a lot. (then run!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks again, were we surprised!!!


Sum of the pix--I am not so sure.jk

Heather Francis said...

Awesome luau! Only thing that would make it better is if you brought the party to hawaii! We have plenty of room!

Poof said...

Heather, Accckkk!! I was thinking of you guys all week, having the REAL luau. I hear your house is beautiful! It must finally seem real that Andrew's coming home.