Oct 19, 2009

In Which Pablo Picasso Reminds Me of Tom S.


"I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it." - Picasso-

Wow, that is so Tom S. He is always learning/doing something new, something most of us would shrug "I don't know how to do that." But he teaches himself and does it. I was surprised to learn that the above quote was uttered by Picasso. Picasso?? Really? I don't like Picasso.

I don't care for 20th century art. I like 18th century architecture, I like 19th century art and 2oth century photography. I like atmospheric realism, I like the 19th century expressionists, but not the 20th and, I'm not crazy about Baroque, abstract or the impressionists (except Max beckmann) and I suppose I am intrigued by Van Gogh. I'll do a Van Gogh post soon, but he makes me feel very sad and hopeless.
But I am very impressed with Tom S.
He's an everythingist. If he discovers a new love, he'll teach himself how to do it and then do it. He wrote a book, it's a character driven mystery just as good as anything by Lawrence Sanders, Janet Evanovich or Sue Grafton. He taught himself to play piano and wrote several songs. He was the sole piano player for our church last week. He played Third Day's "Revelation" as well as "The Old Rugged Cross." I could go on and on... (like.. he invented NY Pizza)
But I just wanted to pass on the quote, the thought -- maybe uplift or encourage someone to soldier on. Maybe the quote makes you think of someone and smile. Leave a comment and share your story.

~ Carry on.

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Tom S said...

Hey, you wrote about me!! I didn't notice because I was away learning to do something I couldn't do, ie, walk 50 miles in the rain. :-) Thanks! I like you, too.