Oct 15, 2009

My Heroes: John Piper and Beth Moore

I know. What an odd combination. You might not expect John Piper and Beth Moore to be lumped together, but they are: in my list of heroes. Piper and Moore each study the Bible in ways I can only dream of. We can read the same scripture and they dig out so much more info. than I do. I'm usually left scratching my head and scrunching my eyes thinking, "How'd they get that?" or "How'd I miss that?"
I am particularly impressed with Piper's gleaning of 1 Corinthians 15:3. He said that "1 Corinthians 15:3 may be the clearest definition of the gospel in the Bible." I quote:
  • The cross was planned ("in accordance with the Scripture")
  • The gospel is a historical event ("Christ died")
  • The death of Christ achieved something ("for our sins")
  • That achievement is freely offered to everyone for faith alone. If that achievement were offered on the basis of my performance in any measure, there would be no gospel.
  • When I do believe in Jesus, the achievement is applied to me.
  • The end of the gospel is to see and enjoy the glory of God. God is our highest treasure; we are reconciled and forgiven and justified and given eternal life to enjoy God (1 Peter 3:18)

"When we are fully and finally purchased and converted and sanctified in this way, then we will be fully satisfied in God and God will be fully glorified in us. And that's why the universe was created and exists."
How simple and clear is that? All packaged up and ready to be presented to others. Pass it on.

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