Oct 6, 2009

Third Day: Revelation

Excellent song we've been loving since it's release. I love the piano jam around 4:50. Third Day remains one of my favorite bands. Thanks to Penseive for bringing the video to my attention.

“When you get older in your faith, you don’t necessarily have fewer questions,” confesses Powell (lead vocalist/songwriter). “I used to get mad at myself when I’d have questions about my faith, but I’ve learned through the years that God has answered so many of those. Sometimes it’s not right away, sometimes it is years before you get the answer, but He’s proven himself. Now when I have questions, I get excited about it, not angry at myself, but excited because I know that God’s going to show me something new."

“Sharing God’s love with people has always been core to us,” says drummer David Carr. “We want to reiterate that God loves us. That is a concept that should never get old.”

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