Nov 11, 2009

This Just In...

So we were kicked back watching a little tv last night, bundled under blankies, sitting by the fire with hopes of getting some heat in the near future...
..when suddenly this popped up on the screen.
Chia Obama.
Yeah, baby, remember the big hit all those chia pets were in the '90's? Now we got us a real, genuine Obama chia pet.
Makes a great gift!!
Click here to order your very own!


The Seeker said...

You can't know how many times I've seen this commercial and thought it would be the PERFECT gift for you for Christmas (that is, if I no longer want to be your friend!) Who thought Chia Obama was going to be a big seller? Or Chia anything? Pulease!

Anonymous said...

This would b such a GREAT gift, BUT......I am so.........allergic to these things.

Thanks anyway,