Nov 7, 2009

You May Have Heard. . .

... I'm a tad bit cold. Some of you may have heard me mention that our heat is out and we have some huge decisions to make regarding such heat, so we probably won't get heat for several more days, after we have a few spaghetti dinner fund-raisers and such. So I've been a bit whiney. But Saturday night......

... Saturday night things perked up a little. Yeah, baby, we dug out the smores paraphernalia.
My attitude definitely took a turn for the better.
Something about a cozy fire, warm, fuzzy clothes & freezing fingertips just makes you want to turn off the tv and computer and spend quality time with family & friends.
Which got me reminiscing about fires past:


Cozy-up with your family and friends this winter,
slow down, make some memories.


Fern said...

It looks like you will just have to come up here, it's been warm here! We have had the fire going some, but the weather hasn't been too bad!

Mom said...

Come home it's cozy here-------no that's a lie we haven't even turned on the heat yet, oh well enjoy your fire and have a s'more for me.

Ruth said...

Just how do you store your old photos so that you can find just the right ones to post them for any given subject? You must be super organized. You should post a blog on how the rest of us could follow your lead. Hint, hint.

Poof said...

Ruth, I'll have to think about that one. Sounds like a great post, but it'd be a "do as I say, not as I do" post. I'm not very organized. Most photo printing software has photo tagging abilities, but I don't use mine. Yet. One day I'll get organized and do it. For now, I just organize my photos by date with maybe two or three folders by category such as art and nature.