Dec 29, 2009

Annual Psychological Eval

Are you a "list" person?
Must you grapple around for your "to do" list before you can start your day?

Or is your day like a well-thought-out-and-presented thesis for your PhD?
Does your "to do" list have bullet points and bold lettering?

Or do you accomplish things with the randomness of flipping a coin? Are you a sticky note person with little instructions and reminders all over the place, trying to see a big picture in the random layout of notes like a Rorschach inkblot test?
The way you do things says a lot about you and each year you should take pause, examine your life, your modus operandi and guage your personality and emotional functioning.
Might even help with establishing your New Years Resolutions.

I'm struggling. I keep increasing my work-load and increasing my interests and activities without cutting back or decreasing anything. As a result, I'm overwhelmed and way behind. I don't do anything well and I too often do things just enough to get by. I'm confused, unfocused, stressed, ineffective and inefficient. Or maybe I always feel this way in December after a full year of putting things off and not completing each day's "to do" list, putting more and more items on "tomorrow's to-do list." And by December, that baby's long. Too long to accomplish anything so I wad it up, throw it away and begin a fresh new year in January with a short "to-do" list and 364 days ahead of me to accomplish it.
How do you stay organized?
How do you Get Things Done?
What motivates you?
Take it a step further: what puts a bounce in your step?

PS - I'm a sticky note, random person:

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Anonymous said...

Sticky notes all the way person!
I dont know what I would do without these things?