Dec 13, 2009

SM Lockridge Explains Christmas

Dr. Shadrach Meshach Lockridge was the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego from '53 - '93. This is 3 minutes of his famous "That's My King" sermon. I thought it particularly appropriate to share at Christmas time when so many are asking: Who is the Christ child?

"The reason God came from nowhere was there was nowhere for him to come from. And coming from nowhere, He stood on nothing for there was nowhere for Him to stand. And standing on nothing, He reached out where there was nowhere to reach and caught something where there was nothing to catch, and hung something on nothing, and told it to stay there."

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~Connie said...

Glad you found this ... I was really glad that David played it during his sermon, too. What were/are you doing up so late/early???