Jan 6, 2010

Blogging Slowdown

I have slowly been increasing my workload to the point where I am pretty much working full time now. I started out my married life being a full time mom and housewife. For 15 years or so, that has been evolving as I began working more and more outside the home. As I've grown increasingly discontent with my home, I've discovered it's because there is no homemaker. It's hard to make a home without a homemaker. I've always known that, but now I've become that.
Anyway. I have no time to blog. I'm hoping maybe I can do one blogpost a week for awhile.
When I figure out how to work full time, buy groceries, cook dinners, scrub bathrooms, scrub the kitchen, wash clothes, put away clothes, vacuum, dust, pay bills, keep the propane tank filled, get cars repaired, volunteer at church, buy cards and gifts for others and do the pool upkeep.... then I might be able to figure out how to write in my blog also.
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JMaslar said...

I know what happened! It was the "4 hour work week" book and it did the same to me. I was retired and working zero hours per week, but now thanks to that book, I am working about 42 hours per week on the troutu website.

I hope you will reserve time for blogs as they have been awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh-No----We luv your blogs,,,please keep bloggin,its the American thing to do! Hee-Hee

Ruth said...

We'll take what we can get---and look forward to any postings. You have a gift for writing!

Anonymous said...
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