Feb 5, 2010

2010's Most Amazing Person

I finally got to meet (in person) someone I met in various online communities over the past few years. She has inspired me many times, many, many times actually. I finally met Pensieve Robin. She is everything I imagined she'd be, except for the halo, I didn't see the halo I envisioned.
Robin told me last night that I won the fantastic Dress Barn clutch she was giving away on her blog. I can't wait to get that little darlin' in my chubby little fingers later today. Now, of course, I need a new dress to go with it and new shoes. A new hair-do. Oh, and a manicure. Wait. A pedicure, too........

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

U won the dress barn clutch,WOWSERS,as Mom would say!!!
BUT....when U go and get ALL the accessories and everything to go wit it, WILL U INVITE ME ALONG,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!