Mar 25, 2010

Alice in Wonderland, Disney 3D

Is it better to be feared or to be loved?

Alice is back.
Or is she?
It seems as if Alice is back in Wonderland, oddly called Underland, but no one is quite sure if it's her. She is 19 now and all grown up; she herself is unclear whether her flashbacks are memories or nightmares. Was she the Alice that fell down the rabbit hole so many years ago before the evil Red Queen (magnificently played by Helena Bonham Carter "I need a pig here! I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet.") took the ruling crown from her sweet, lovely sister the White Queen (equally magnificent Anne Hathaway)? The wise catepillar declares her "hardly Alice," leaving them all thinking she's not their Alice, even Alice herself, who finally admits she is a weaker Alice, a shy, timid, frightened Alice, admiting "I'm not much lately, I used to be much muchier" until the Mad Hatter pronounces her just "the right Alice" and everything changes." Johnny Depp plays the Mad Hatter with his typical flair. He is awesome. The sets, costumes, and animation in this film is totally amazing. I think Director Tim Burton sketched most of the wild looking characters straight from his imagination. Check out the photo stream at IMDb if you want to see the progression from sketch to actors to costume design.
The 3-D effects were weak & didn't live up to my expectations, but the creativity made up for it. This was by far my favorite Alice in Wonderland.
"Is it better to be feared or to be loved."
The movie had some quality themes that left many movie-goers thinking:

  • good vs evil
  • fear vs love
  • a hypocritical life vs a sincere & true life
  • live up to societal expectations or follow your passion

In this clip, you can see Anne (the white queen, on the left), Mia (Alice, in the middle) and Helena (the red queen, on the right) talk about playing their parts. Helena is married to (or living and having children with) Director Tim Burton.

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