Mar 28, 2010

The Magic Meatball Never Lies

Rushing out the door to take Jennifer to the orthopedic dr., Eva called and asked me to stop by her house, she had a present for me. Once there, I found a huge box duct taped together with flowery stickers all over it. Inside was a heart pencil, a glue stick, an empty roll of scotch tape and Eva's prized magic meatball, kind of a magic eight ball which can answer all of life's biggest questions for you. I was floored. "The Magic Meatball? You're giving me the Magic Meatball?"
There was a moment of reverence and then I tucked it carefully into my purse and trotted off. Eva sent a feel-good message for Jenn and a smiley sticker for her crutches and thus began our Magic Meatball Adventures.....

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~Connie said...

Bwaahahahahaa!! The memories we have ... let's keep makin' 'em!