Mar 20, 2010


When the kids were little, we went through a Simon phase. We played Simon all the time, with its little beeping noises driving the non-players insane, until one day we put it away and forgot all about it. Fast forward 15 years to when Eva came over and for some odd reason I wanted to introduce her to Simon. We dug him out, blew off the dust, changed all the batteries (2 D and 1 9-volt) and what-do-you-know, he played like a charm.

Simon, another Milton Bradley game, launched in 1978 along with the Susan B. Anthony silver dollar, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Ashton Kutcher. "Simon Says" a pattern by beeping and lighting up a series which the player memorizes and repeats, usually at a slower pace. Each time the player is successful, Simon adds another beep/color. Nobody has ever beat Simon. Ever.
There are all kinds of versions of Simon out there now, even a mini keychain version. My version is called a collectible and goes for 90 bucks. Who knew? Eva tucked it under her arm and took it home with her. Patti said she won't stop playing it, even took it in the bathroom with her. Guess she's practicing up to beat Uncle Tommy.

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Mom said...

This is so weird I was just looking for this game the other day, thought Emma might like it---didn't find it but glad Eva has one that was such fun.