Apr 17, 2010

Cupcake. Columbia, SC

One fine Spring Day
Jennifer and I found ourselves
reviewing the Cupcake store
for you, my dear reader,
oh the lengths I go to
for my dear readers.
This was Jen's first visit and it took her awhile to decide which flavors to try.

I sneaked a peek into the inner sanctum of deliciosity.

It was Jen's delicious idea to get several cupcakes and do a taste test. So we got four different flavors, walked down the street and settled in at Starbucks to begin the test.

Cupcake bakes from scratch on site daily. They use no preservatives and as much organic products as they can acquire, but they're not 100% organic.

Red Velvet is the number one best seller. Coinkidink: I've had it before. The cream cheese icing makes it my fave, too. As you can see, each cupcake consists of 50% icing... Maybe 44%.

Special needs? There is one cupcake that is dairy-free - a chocolate one - but the icing isn't dairy free, you have to order it with no icing. None of the cupcakes, nor is the store, safe for kids with nut allergies. Due to the store's tiny size, nuts are present and lurking most anytime.

Without further adieu..... the moment you've beeing waiting for.....
the results of our taste test!

Key Lime.
I thought this baby would be my favorite, but I was let down. Jen nodded sadly, "It's kind of plain. The icing has a nice flavor, tangy, very good."

Peach. Peach freaked me out.

Peach was confusing. Not a strong flavor, but it had real chunks of fruit in it and a ribbon of cinnamon running throughout. If the peach was warm & straight from the oven, it'd be like a cobbler and probably most excellent. Room temperature? Meh.

Chocolate. This was excellent for me. But it was too much for Jennifer, just too much chocolate, she would need a vanilla icing on this one.

The winner? Turtle
This baby is perfect. It contains a good combination of each flavor and the caramel drizzled on top makes it stand out from the rest. The tiniest details make this one the best, as Jen pointed out, "like using cream cheese for the icing with grenache so it's not so tangy."
I can't vouch for the grenache. But if Jen says it's there, then it's probably there. PS. Jen gave me the praline pecan on top!

Cupcake makes a 6" round cake that decorates like a giant cupcake and they make mini cupcakes as well, all of which must be ordered in advance. All flavors are not available every day, click here for a schedule of their flavors.

Cupcake has three locations: Charleston, Columbia and Mount Pleasant.
 Cupcake gave me nothing in exchange for this review.

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jen said...

ummm yummmy...looking forward to having another taste test soon!