Apr 5, 2010

The Lies We Tell

It's the day after Easter and all the Easter candy is 50% off.
Rene' and I were in the Walmart Check-Out line.
The lady in front of us has a case of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Eggs.
A Case.
Plus additional candies.
"It's for Bingo," she says.

Rene' turned back to me and whispered "Somebody's got an addiction."
Look - even the cashier doesn't believe her.
What's your favorite Easter candy?


Poof said...

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Tom S said...

Testing a comment, logged in w/Google acct.

Anonymous said...

This would b just enough for gram!!

A whole case,she would have died and went to Heaven!!

Oh,wait----she has this much and more in her room.

~Connie said...

I don't have a favorite candy ... is that a can of Pringles Rene is holding? Does she have her own little addiction we should address?? hmmmmmmmmmm???