May 22, 2010

Drivin' A Truck With My High Heels On

Several of you have asked about all my tweets and fb posts about driving my truck with my high heels on...... the Weird Al song that kept playing in my head for days.
I borrowed my daughter's truck for a few days and buzzed up to Charlotte for a Social Media Charlotte meeting and while I was there I met up with TroutU''s Professor Jerry who graciously loaded this canoe to my truck.

I then dragged this canoe through Charlotte traffic and down into Columbia for a meeting with some Carhartt Reps for another customer, Tyler Brothers.
It was a lovely sight - me pulling into the Hilton Garden Inn in this raggedy old truck and canoe get-up. But hey, it goes well with the Carhartt Lifestyle Image.

We're going to paddle down the Saluda today.
Take it to Brevard and DuPont State Park soon.
And paddle around Congaree Swamp before we return the canoe.
Anyplace else we should go?

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Anonymous said...

U sexy legged Pookie!!!