May 6, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week: Kathy Sliker

What's really, really cool this year is that my sister-in-law graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University's college of Education last week -- Teacher Appreciation Week.
And while I think it may be a little weasely of me, I want to recognize her on this Teacher Appreciation Week, when I know I should fully support the poor, struggling, exhausted teachers who've been in the trenches already. Kath, said sister-in-law, has only taught two years (internships) and is currently seeking a job in the budget-cut public schools, but her passion is at, what will probably be, it's peak.
You get a glimpse of her personality here in her cap, dress and shoes. Kind of a "live out loud!!" kind of person, fully engaged in life.
She's 40, did I mention that? She entered the College of Education 7 years ago. While being educated, she's been working and raising a son.
So if I want to appreciate her this special week, I think it's called for, weasely or not.
We crossed the Caloosahatchie River and arrived at the Arena in Ft. Myers a little before showtime. Here's Kath doing her diva impression while her son, Kelly is pointedly indicating he's not interested in carrying her purse & her brother, Tom, is loving his man-purse & not the least bit ashamed. At least he's gonna have reading materials and water during the 4 hour event.
Our seats were fairly close to Kath, far from the stage. There was about 45 minutes pre-show in which we could squirm and chat and watch the graduates chatter excitedly. At first the graduates sat in their assigned seats quietly while we waited, then gradually they began chatting and moving around. After snapping a few photos with our zoom lenses, we were just sitting there when Kath got up to move. I nudged Kelly hard, "Target's on the move!!" and like good paparazzi, we yanked our cameras back up to eye level and due to my alertness, we caught her chatting with this friend.
Kathleen Marie Sliker graduated from the College of Education, Cum Laude. She was something like 1/100th of a point from being Summa Cum Laude.
Kath was somewhere around grauduate #731 out of around 1,000 to cross the stage, so our minds wandered a bit while other names were called. Some, however, grabbed our attention, such as:

A girl named Shasta
A boy with the last name Funk. Mr. Funk.
F. J. Fedorczyk (how would you say that?)
V. Ziajka (go ahead, say it)
N. Menendez (fun, fun, I love saying that)
J. Louwsma (what?)
R. Squicciarini (double what??)
K. Winklepleck (I'm using that one at restaurants)
V. Klein-Wischebrink (she's probably OCD)
D. Juchnowicz (must sound like a sneeze)
M. Veniaminovna Grebenshikova
B. S. Abbondandolo
L. Yunck (I am so using that one, too)
C. Divirgilio
and let's not forget:
Marielys Del Carmen Figueroa Sierra
In this last picture, I thought Kelly was gaining a Boy Scout merit badge by "helping an old lady across the street," but Kath said he was saying
"I'm so proud of you, mom!"
PS. If I picked on your name here, it was done so totally with love (and a smidgen of boredom)


Anonymous said...

Proud of U kathy!!!

Live it up now girl!!


Ruth said...

Let's not be picking on OCD people.