Jun 29, 2010

Go, Nana, Go!

Nana has been released from the hospital and was moved into a room at a new nursing home around 10:00 pm last night! There were several miracles for this to take place. I keep thinking back a week ago when I got the call that, barring a miracle, Wednesday would be my last time to visit Nana, maybe Thursday. We rallied the family together (this coming Thursday's post) and probably scared Nana by the way we all lined up to visit with her.
Thank you everyone for all your prayers. Continue to pray as she has a hard road ahead of her, she has congestive heart failure and will most likely remain on oxygen.

A big, big thank you to mom, dad, Lisa and.... of course.... Cousin David for working so fast and furious yesterday to find a good home for Nana. They arrived at the hospital yesterday morning for a "regular visit" only to be handed a list of nursing homes and instructions that Nana would be released later that morning! It was a crazy day as they watched God work wonders to prepare a room for Nana in the exact place mom wanted her to be -- the exact place that "didn't have a room" available.... until... during the tour... they found an empty room. (did you know God is in the "adding on" construction business?)
Contact any of us via email if you'd like Nana's address.


JMaslar said...

You can see that devious look in his eyes.

Patti said...

That was right after he stole Eva's frosty...