Jun 25, 2010

Nana Update

Nana's life is still hanging in the balance, but she is perking up a lot. I think she might pull through this. At one of her lowest points, she received some good news/gossip and she improved 70% at that precise moment and admitted she had been praying about that. :)
So... at this point.... I'm thinking we need more gossip to keep her heart pumping.
Nana began eating again on Thursday, soft foods, a Frosty, mashed potatoes. I guess what she has to avoid now is pneumonia or kidney failure. Her oxygen levels aren't quite high enough and she will probably be on oxygen when she leaves the hospital. Her color's back; her eyes, bright and cheery. She loved being around to see the new 4th and 5th generation babies and from talking with her Wednesday night, she appears to want to be around now for the 3rd and 4th generation's weddings. :) (You know who you are)
Meanwhile.... more of Nana:

In which we make a startling discovery about Gram's secret life.
In which Nana becomes Sheriff.


Anonymous said...

Good gossip would keep anybodys heart pumpimg for a dollar!!lol


I will try and come up with some more juice..

Love U

Fern said...

Glad Nana is doing better!!!! Her job on earth isn't finished yet!!!