Jul 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Punkinhead!

Happy 24th Birthday, Ms. Popps!
Ms. Popps, PunkinHead, Sweet P., what else? Patti's had quite a few nicknames over the years.
Click here for a complete history of her birthday celebrations. Click here for a complete history of her life and hair-dos.
This year's different. Robby is sweeping her away for a birthday date and our family celebration is postponed til Saturday. Maybe we can have a little morning party at Kwik to the Karry for our usuals on her actual b'day morning. Connie, you in?-
- - - -
When I looked through the old photos (at the two links above), I thought it neat to see this old one of "the gang" -- Steph, Patti, Marci, Hope and Marj, oh, and Emmit.
Then I remembered a similar photo taken recently at Steph's wedding. Lauren is in Hope's place and Eva replaced Emmit, who was left home where's he's been in retirement, tossed carelessly under Marj's bed.-
Happy Birthday, Patti, we all love you so much!!!!
Congrats on graduating Law School this December!
You're the bomb diggity.


Uncle Steve said...

Hava a happy birthday Patti!!

Mimi and Papa said...

Happy Birthday to my little Poppy, hope you always remember those times you stayed with us and we sat you in the big lounge chair with your "bell" and spoiled you, gosh where did the years go?!! Have a wonderful day honey we love you!!!!!!

Patti said...

Aww thanks mom!

Anonymous said...

Robbie!! Mom,and Dad,hmmmmmmm,let me see???


Happy Birthday Patti!!!

Marjorie Sliker said...

um mom i just want to say that Emmit Thompson was not tossed under my bed he was ON my bed and is now on my bed in my new apartment with me. STILL loved!