Jul 24, 2010

Jack Pine Enduro, The GranDaddy of all Enduros

Jack Pine time, when "Jack Piners begin to gather." This coming Sunday, July 25th, 2010, another lucky recipient will take home the Jack Pine Traveling Cow Bell upon winning the 85th Annual Jack Pine Enduro Cowbell Classic in Moorestown, MI, the country's oldest running enduro.

"Call it homecoming week, the call of the clan or cowbell convention -- it's a special kind of comradeship that is genuine and lasting. It perhaps stems from a mutual feeling that we have been partners in a successful and wonderful adventure that we all enjoy and the back-to-nature feeling we experience in traveling through our beautiful Jack Pine country. Whatever it is, it is strictly Jack Pine, and you must be bitten by the bug to know what I mean." ~ Oscar Lenz, the "Old Jack Piner"

Lenz won the Jack Pine 7 out of 14 tries in the1920s, then became the chief organizer and trailblazer for the event for many years. The Jack Pine began back when Enduro bikes weren't much more than street bikes with a couple of add-ons. Originally a 3-day, 800-mile course with riders averaging 24 mph, the Jack Pine is currently a 2-day, 500-mile course with riders averaging about the same speed, maybe a little more. The race is legendary; the race is a tradition. Families have raced the Jack Pine for several generations, often with two generations in the same race, sons and grandsons carrying on the family tradition.

Also, for the 34th year, there is a Pine Cone Enduro, a family enduro held the day before the Jack Pine Enduro. Riding the Pine Cone is often a family affair. Last year's youngest rider was 5 with the oldest rider being 81, Ted del Solar, who has been competing since 1975, calling it his "Sunday cruise through the woods." I see he's on the roster for this year, too. I bet he's getting excited long about now. That's one guy with whom I'd love to sit down and have a chat. Can you imagine the stories he could tell?!

As expected, the Husaberg guys -- Mike Lafferty, Nathan Woods and Nick Fahringer are on the roster this year. The Race Shop's Mike Grizzle will be there, too. But who will take home the cowbell? Last year's winner, Leroy Keen? Or Charlie Mullins, who has already won it repeatedly? Maybe Grizz himself. I will have the answer in just a few more days.

Meanwhile, The Race Shop's James Embro will head out to Colorado for the beautiful Colorado 600. And we're all getting excited for the Vegas To Reno run in August. Embro and Hutchison will both run that one. Maybe I can tag along and document the whole thing. {heavy sigh} Wishful Thinking.

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Oscar Lenz quote, courtesy NationalEnduro.com.
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