Aug 26, 2010

The Best Stinkin' Route 4 Me

So when my Helpful Hint column Guest Writer, The Cheap Sr.Citizen, wrote about Efficient Errand Performance, I kept wondering why our day trips aren't more efficient in today's age of technology when, actually, you don't really have to even leave the house for most things. And we use the interent for so much information and personal data compilation, why wouldn't the internet make errands easier?
And guess what I found... A route planner for your iPhone. Just type in your addresses and it'll find the best overall route.
Now, of course, there is probably a most dangerous secret agenda: the government is probably tracking you so when they outlaw guns they'll know where to ambush you, but they're also probably tracking which highways to improve & what counties to increase taxes & whether you're wearing your seat belt & if you're driving and texting and......
well... it seemed like a good idea.

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