Aug 31, 2010

Hi! My Name Is

.... Reis
I know. I don't look like a Reis. I feel like one though.
What would your name be if you had named yourself?
The expectant moment when the barista asks, pen in hand, "Your name?"
The field is wide open! My name?
I tap my front teeth. Today?
My name today?? {tap,tap,tap}
And I squint into the distance.
Look back at the barista and hesitantly say, "Starr," then with more certainty I nod to confirm "Yes, Starr. My name is Starr."
And on one gloomy, cloudy Wednesday my name was "Jane." On a traveling Friday, I was cruising Atlanta airport and my name was "Alex." My favorite, though, when I'm in funky clothes perusing art magazines at Barnes and Noble? I'm Sam.
So tell me, my quiet reading friend, What is your name today?


Skunk said...

Skunk----------they won't let me shower with this wound. HA I'll show them there are ways around that!

Anonymous said...

Mud............'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

In Barnes and Nobel?
Hi, I'm...Paige Turner

Anonymous said...

Onthe Cruise Ship...Mandy Lifeboats
Old Folks Home...Jerri Attrick
Plumber's Office...Dwayne Pipes
Kevorkian's office...Genna Syde
Locker Room...Jim Shue
Comedy Club...Joe King
Dollywood...Emerson Biggens

Poof said...

Oh these are good, you guys are good. I might have to go with "Emmerson" on my next beverage.

Anonymous said...

At the Music Store...Amanda Lynn and Bea Minor
In the Rain Forest...Tim Burr and Douglass Furr
Tokoyo...Rick Shaw and Polly Ester
Classroom...Read Enright and Rita Booke
Psychiatrist...P. Brain and Dr. Looney
Radio Station...Kay Bull and Mike Raffone
Leather Store...Lynn C, Doyle and Ella Vader
Waffle House...X. Bennedict, Cris P.Bakon and Sal Minela

Fern said...

I would be afraid I would forget what name I gave them!!!