Aug 20, 2010

Inside the Mind of a Writer

I read the following paragraph in a novel; the character speaking, a writer. I was stunned. This describes me perfectly, but I thought I was the "only one" psychotic like this:

"The last time I saw Milo, as I think I've mentioned, he was getting ready to board a plane. That's the way I tell the story in my mind, incidentally; those are the words I always use. I've often wondered if writers are the only ones who feel compelled to narrate their lives as they live them, to stand in the shower and wonder whether there's a less predictable word than 'lather". I used to think it made me a good writer -- look at me, honing my craft as I stand here to pour a cup of coffee, drafting and revising my descriptions of the mug, the smell, the sounds of the hot splatter!
Now I just find it tiresome, though it doesn't seem to be something I can stop.
An end to narration:
that's what I imagine death will be like."

From " The Nobodies Album" a novel by Carolyn Parkhurst


Anonymous said...

Sometimes we think far to much about something. Hopefully the book is all you expect it to be.

Ruth said...

Ah, but do you lay awake at night searching for the right word or descriptive phrase?

Of course, I don't know anybody who would admit to that.....!

Rick said...

Love this. No wait... Resonated with this. Hmm. Does that read better? Hmm. You had me at... no, no, too cliche.

Good quote.