Aug 16, 2010

Move-In Day for Moms Across America

I had a stiff upper lip when I left Marj at her new apartment, which I easily maintained until three minutes later when I called her and discovered her cell phone ringing beside me in the passenger seat.
Her seat.
Her empty seat.
And I was still (relatively) even fine with that until, as I U-turned to return her phone, I realized I was two minutes, 1/4 mile, less than one good song on the radio away from her and already calling her.
And the dam broke wide open, tears poured.
It's fifty minutes later now and I'm feeling much better, strong, confident. I'm a solid 1.5 miles away, across a river even (!), thinking, chewing on my lip, but still. Not turning back.


patti said...

awww! i cried too when i left her! her first real place!

Carleen said...

I think we shared the same sentiments today even though mine is staying home. I have to say that in a small way, I feel your pain. Love you lots!

Fern said...

You have beautiful children and it so hard to let them go!!! Why do they have to grow up and move out on their own???