Sep 9, 2010

Fighting World Hunger One Tweet at a Time, It's . . .

On Sept. 14, 2010 Weight Watchers will donate $60,000 to fight world hunger.
If you help.
If you show your support.
It's easy.
It's fast.
Lose-A-Palooza is a one-day social media event, part of Weight Watcher's Lose For Good® campaign, created to encourage participation in Lose For Good.
For every accepted mention or acknowledgment of "Lose For Good" made on September 14th through blogs, Twitter, Facebook and check-in via foursquare, Weight Watchers will donate $1 - up to $60,000. - to Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger.
  • A hungry child can't learn.
  • Nearly 17 million children in America (that's almost one in four) face hunger.
  • Hunger impairs our children's physical and mental health.
  • Thousands of children are facing starvation now in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Share our Strength is working hard to put a stop to childhood hunger in America.
Action Against Hunger is helping hungry kids worldwide.
You can help both just by using the social media tools you've come to love.

Here's what you can do on September 14th to help fight world hunger:
Twitter: Spread the word! Let others know how they can join you in the fight against hunger. Include the hashtag #LoseForGood and the link in your tweet. For example:

Today Only! Lose-A-Palooza -Weight Watchers donates up to $1 for each #LoseForGood social media mention

Facebook: "Like" or comment on any of the Weight Watchers "Lose-A-Palooza" updates throughout the day. "Like" WeightWatchers, Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger.
Get more details at the Weight Watcher's Lose For Good site.
I hope you'll join me on September 14 and spread the word about world hunger.
This post is part of a campaign with the One2One network.

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