Sep 22, 2010

NASA - ISS Expedition 25

Today is a momentous day for an old childhood friend of mine. On this his second visit to the International Space Station (ISS), my old buddy, Doug Wheelock will be assuming command of the ISS as Expedition 24 ends and Expedition 25 begins. Doug will remain on the ISS for three more months. That's Commander Douglas Wheelock to you.

It's been exciting for me personally to see an old friend accomplish something so great. It's been even more exciting as we have been in touch via email while he is on the ISS. I will be writing a series of posts on the ISS and Doug's part in it soon, I'm really eager to share some Q&A from Doug himself and I've already gotten the local school kids involved with some questions of their own.
Today - September 22, at 5:05 pm our time, the ISS Change of Command will be televised on the NASA Channel. And, yes, I received an invitation to the event, however, due to a lack of transportation to outer space, I was unable to attend.
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1 comment:

Ruth said...

Hey I have a question for Doug!

I know he is left handed and wondered if this has posed any problems for him on the space station. I'm left handed myself and know that tools are often geared for the right handed world.

Obviously, he has learned to cope!