Oct 12, 2010

Facebook: Business Page Updates Not Showing Up?

I just wasted two days trying to figure out the new Facebook's Fan Page Updates. I had no trouble sending one, but all my fans claimed they didn't receive it. Yet there it was in my See All Updates folder. This is an area where Facebook has seriously failed businesses.
First, for you newbies, take note of the difference between Status Updates and Updates. Status Updates are the blurbs that go into everyone's news feed. Updates are more like an email. They are sent to the facebook recipient's Messages folder. However, they are sent to a folder most Facebook users are unaware of. You must be a sleuth to see that you have received an update. Also, unlike Messages from other facebook friends, you don't get a blaring notification or email telling you that you have received an update. It's all kept on the down low.
If you don't have a business page, but do have a personal facebook page, you may have tons of unread updates that you never knew existed. To check your personal facebook updates received, do the following:
Click on your Messages button. It's on the upper left of your page, pictured below circled in yellow.

Once you've clicked your Messages button, scroll down and click on "See All Messages." This will open you up to something like an Inbox. Look to the left sidebar. There is a list of words and near the top is "Updates," pictured below with arrows pointing to it. Click on it. --
I had 20 updates from pages that I've "liked" or become a "fan" of and I never
knew these updates were sent to me. Now I've got lots of delicious reading to do; unfortunately, most of the announcements have expired by now. Better luck to you! If this helped, leave me a comment and tell me how many updates you had of which you weren't aware.


elviramamma said...

Thanks! I never knew that info., but where was the msg. from you? Was it the info. on TroutU?

Poof said...

yea, troutu.