Oct 27, 2010

The Talking Cat App

We had a lot of family time the week Nana died. We rallied together, cozied up and enjoyed each other. One night was particularly long, so Jerry pulled out his iPad and turned on the Talking Cat App.
Once you download Tom Cat, he becomes your iPad pet. He responds to touch - you can tickle him or knock him out. He cups his ear and listens intently, then repeats everything you say. It sounds ridiculous, but it is pretty funny in a crowd. Or maybe we just had cabin fever and felt punchy.
Tom made the rounds and we all spoke random thoughts or songs and then fell into hysterics when the cat repeated us with his own personality. It's kind of embarrassing now. But I thought you should know about the Talking Cat App. You'll hear people talking about it and y'know, you need to keep on top of the newest thing out there. (and, btw, you don't have to hold it right in front of your face, but: shhhh, don't tell mom)
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Anonymous said...

no-one will ever know how much fun we have as a family without joining us sometime. We really r a hoot!!!

Mom said...

HEY I had it right up in my face to tell him to "SHUT UP"!!!!