Oct 13, 2010

Tiger Suit, KT Tunstall - CD Give Away


"You've got a vampire on your neck
Everybody knows what happens next...
.. You
Fade Like a Shadow."


That's one thing I don't think KT Tunstall has to worry about, she isn't going to fade like a shadow anytime soon.
You'll most remember Tunstall from Black Horse and the Cherry Tree which earned her a Grammy nomination.
Her new cd Tiger Suit hit the US market on Oct. 5. This is her third cd and one in which she has headed in a new direction, what she calls "Nature Techno," a dance-friendly blend of organic and electronic instrumentation heralded as "raw, upfront rootsiness and sleek electronic textures."
I was intrigued. How does one mix raw, natural and techno dance? KT pulls it off perfectly. I love this cd. So much so, I'm going to spread the love. Leave a comment here to be entered in a random drawing for your own Tiger Suit cd. I'll draw a winner Monday morning, Oct. 18 and post the winner here on my blog.
The second track, Glamour Puss, with the freakin' Yamaha CS80 is my favorite. A Yamaha CS80 is to instruments what a Grandfather clock is to time pieces.
I almost had to park the car, get out and dance.
KT's voice is very much like Shania Twain's and a couple of the songs even reminded me of Shania's newer stuff. The problem I usually have with techno-dance music is that it's usually accompanied by a high pitched, squeaky, girly girl voice. Not so with Tiger Suit. This album surprisingly blends KT Tunstall's gruff, husky sound with a beat that will make you move.
Track 5, Fade Like A Shadow may become the most popular, it certainly is catchy, memorable. The album starts getting a little dark sounding from Track 6 on when the violins and cello are introduced. Golden Frames is actually kind of adorable. Come On, Get In is just a lot of fun despite its subject matter: the end of a relationship, but it's a happy ending. I think it's the cute and adorable little stylophone that gives it a fun feeling. Who wouldn't have fun with a stylophone? I think it's significant she chose a stylophone for this song.
So Track 9, (Still A) Weirdo. What the heck is that? The beatbox threw me for a loop. Two words: Mellotron and Beatbox. I think this was a self-indulgent track just to see if anyone was nodding off to sleep. From an artists point of view, it's very creative. A whistle and beatbox together, eclectic maybe, but the beat just doesn't jingle.
Hello, slide guitar, I knew you were lurking. Madame Trudeaux introduces the slide guitar and loses me in a heartbeat. Playing slide on an electric guitar is like running your nails down a chalkboard for me. I don't like the lyrics, I don't like the angry sound. But I can see it becoming a girl anthem, lord help us. The final song, The Entertainer is kind of nice. This one is kind of like the Hobo Stew of the album - aw heck, throw in all the other instruments: flute, spanish guitar, flugal horn, trombone and crikey, a vibraphone, which sort of took me back to the marching band days and the often over-looked xylophone playas. Speaking of which... Tunstall uses a glockenspiel earlier on the album - I think it was Fade Like A Shadow - and it was very reminiscent of marching bad for, like, two seconds. Glockenspiel. I like that. I'd much rather say glockenspiel than vibraphone. But it's not really about me, is it?
Kate Victoria Tunstall... you rock! I love, love, love this cd. I love the variety of instruments and I love the bipolar aspect between first half and second half. I am a KT Tunstall fan forever.
"Making the album felt a bit like an archaeological dig, digging deeper to uncover what most turns me on" says Tunstall. That is what makes a great musician.
Remember: leave a comment to be entered to win a Tiger Suit cd.

Full disclosure: The One2One Network provided a free cd for me to listen to for the purpose of this review. In no way does that affect my review. I received no monetary compensation, although I will be entered for a chance to win a gift card. But I never win anything, so that doesn't count.


Anonymous said...

Can I have an actual tiger suit if I win? Cause I bet the music is 10% better if you're listening while wearing one. ;)

Dang, lady, you sure know how to review a CD! Great job!! :)

Tom S said...

Hey, I've been listening to KT Tunsall on Playlist.com and I like it! I want to win the CD...

Carmen Klapper said...

Hi there! I reviewed this CD as well, but I just wanted to say that you wrote an AWESOME review. Good job! I'll be reading this post several times to get better ideas for future reviews.


Poof said...

Wow, thanks, Carmen! I'm just a bit obsessed about music. But the review really is too long, not many will read all that, probably not even my mom. Shorter would be better I think. Thanks for stopping in.

Poof said...

Well. Isn't that special? Not many left a comment to win the cd. CK already has one. Tom S is family and disqualified. So that leaves you, Robin, you're the lucky winner in my not-so-random drawing!