Oct 14, 2010

TroutU Grand Opening


My friends over at Trout University have experienced a total re-design of their site, culminating with a new shopping center. TroutU is the master of fishing sites.
  • 41 instructional FREE classes
  • Dozens of the best products
  • Hundreds of free tips, blogs and videos
  • Stream reports
  • Library of recommended books, podcasts and videos
  • Resoource Dept. - engineers who develop their own equipment
  • Links to other great sites

Steve and Jerry Maslar started the site a few years ago as a way to promote fly fishing and to share something about which they are passionate & knowledgeable. They have recently developed the store for two reasons.
  1. To share the very best products they've found.
  2. To help support TroutU and keep it going. (the classes are free)

If you like to fish - or want to fish - check out TroutU. I guarantee it will be profoundly helpful. Shop during their Grand Opening Celebration (Oct. 16 - Nov. 13) and receive free gifts with purchases.
The TroutU site is developed by Broadstreet Consulting, of which I am employed, so of course I like the site, but you mosey on over there and form your own opinions.


Anonymous said...

I cant wait till its GRAND opening!!! I will b checking it out,u never know just what I might win.(hahahahaha)

Anonymous said...

Maybe a purse?