Nov 13, 2010

5 Year Old Uses Sticky Notes and Instructional Videos

When my kids were little, I knew there was too much TV viewing in their lives when they'd say something like "But mom, Juicy Juice is a juicier juice!" As they stuck one in my grocery cart.
Two decades later, I knew Eva had seen too much TV when she sat down in my ergonomic desk chair, tilted my monitor to her level and said,
"Pookie. Go to"
As soon as I typed it in, I was told I could leave, she could handle it from here. I watched her click on this and click on that, browse the games, color in some pictures, then she began listening to something. I turned away and when I turned back, the monitor was blank, she was pushing her chair back and tugging on her Grampsy, "Hey, I'm gonna go outside and build a nest for a birdie, wanna help?" He squinted, "I don't know how to build a nest." No problem, she had it under control. "I just watched a video on how to build a nest, see, I have a list of what we need!" And she held out the sticky note she had written while watching the video:

"All we need is grass, leaves and mud. Let's go!"
. . . and sure enough, they built a nest.

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Mom said...

That is so sweet!