Nov 6, 2010

Turn Your Clocks Back: What Will You Do With Your Extra Hour?

Daylight saving time ends tonight, well, technically tomorrow, Dec. 7 at 2 am. If you set your clocks tonight, you will be given an extra hour of life at a better time than 2 am. What will you do with it?

I started thinking about this a month ago. I've been struggling with time management, so an extra hour borders on the miraculous. A movie is too long, more than an hour. I might exercise -- the whole one hour. I think that's kind of like karma or jinkxing myself or something. Like if I exercise that whole hour it will jump-start a change of heart, a leap of momentum that will result in a whole lot more exercise in the upcoming year. Like I could alter fate or something.
Or maybe I'll curl up with earbuds and listen to music for a whole hour, doing nothing else, just basking in the music. I would never waste a whole hour like that in a normal 24-hour day! Or maybe finish that half-read book that's been on my nightstand. Or maybe watch Beth Moore Bible Study videos, or read the whole book of Psalms. Maybe I could memorize the book of Jude. Or clean the Sunday School room cabinets! What if I sorted my closet and threw away every garment purchased over 7 years ago? Yes! That's it -- the number 7 -- we should incorporate the number 7 in our one hour of extra life since it's November 7! I could read one chapter in 7 different books, or discover 7 places I want to visit, or list 7 new things I want to learn. 7 Questions to which I have no answers....

See? I have issues with time management. I'm delusional at best. If you, too, struggle, here are a few places you can go for help.

David Allen: Getting Things Done
168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think
Ordering Your Private World and all the other Gordon MacDonald resources
Remember The Milk
- online task management system

Things to avoid:
The Talking Cat App
Cupcake Taste Tests
How about you? What resources have you found helpful?
What are you going to do with your extra hour? You really should start thinking about it now.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

What am I going to do? Complain about the time change. Why can't "they" leave me alone? I'm old and resent change.