Nov 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Huffington Post issued a challenge and some interesting statistics yesterday on a post about the often forgotten Veterans Day. The post linked to Salute to Service, a place where you can "Take Action this Veterans Day" and financially support any of a variety of Veterans Funding. Huffington has also started a week-long series of first-person blog posts from Veterans. Tony Woods is the first Veteran to post. Woods is a West Point grad. who has led 81 soldiers on over 500 missions in Iraq. While all 81 of the soldiers returned home safely, they discovered the struggles didn't end upon returning home. Between unemployment, ruined marriages, post traumatic stress, many of them felt out of place and disconnected.
Having never served, I don't know what it's like to return home after experiencing the horrific trials in battle. I don't know what it's like to be trained and forced to face such atrocities and then put back into a non-combative lifestyle and expected to simply carry on. I can't imagine the struggles our Veterans face. But I am quite familiar with the freedom they've provided.
I have family and friends that have been to Iraq or Afghanistan and back and some that are still over there. I'm sure most of you do as well. Let us keep them foremost in our prayers and find ways to support and encourage them when they return. Financial support is one way. These websites I've linked to will provide ways to physically get involved as well.
If you read this, leave a comment of a Veteran here or still there and let's give them our whole hearted thank-yous today.
My comment includes: Robby Holsenback, Chad Reed, Andrew Francis, Kevin Sliker & Scott Sliker. Jim Sliker, Al Jeffcoat, Jud Busbee, Jimmy Busbee, Pete Kellar.


Mom said...

A "thank you" could never be enough for what these men have done and are doing for this country, I love our servicemen!

Sweet Fiend said...

Seeing those old pictures of Aunt Ma on the page with Scott and Kevin made me sad. But I am so thankful for everything! I can't wait to see you next week when you come up. I love the time our family spends together! <3

Poof said...

Jaime, me too! That was the last time I saw Marilyn.

~Connie said...

The greatest Vet I know ... *Carroll W. Joye, my father.